Tempeh Bean Burgers

I created burgers the other night using both tempeh and kidney beans, and they were a hit with the whole family!

Not sure why I never tried this before. These were delicious! And they held their shape especially well. Sometimes … Read more

Fiesta Fajita Burgers

I try to have veggie or bean burgers on hand whenever I can. And this is a new delicious variation that we’ve been enjoying all summer long. I just love that these make a dozen burgers at one time – … Read more

Double-Stuffed Sweet (and Russet) Potatoes

Double-Stuffed Sweet (and Russet) Potatoes! Are you ready? They’re deliciously simple, and so good!

They start with frozen vegetables. And although you can (and I have) made these with only sweet potatoes or only russet potatoes, I can say that … Read more

Sweet and Creamy Cabbage and Apple Slaw

YUM! This is my new favorite slaw, sweetened with apples, and delightfully delicious! It may very well be the best slaw I have ever tasted, and the dressing is pretty much miraculous, made with raisins and cashews, making it both … Read more

Jalapeño Queso

It almost strains credulity that plant-based ingredients alone can create a queso this creamy and versatile.

Dip your baked whole grain tortillas HERE..of course. But don’t stop there. Drizzle everything you’re ready to love even more – from bean burgers … Read more

Homemade Baked Beans

Our family has always liked baked beans. I grew up with canned baked beans, but now I make them myself, and they are so much better!

I take a shortcut with canned navy beans, but you could definitely cook beans … Read more

Fabulous Beet Burgers

Fabulous Beet Burgers

I made these burgers last night, and they were amazing!

I feel compelled to add here (in case you can identify) that I don’t even like beets. Actually, no one in our family is a fan of beets, yet everyone … Read more

Southwestern Bean Burgers

Southwestern Bean Burgers

Bean burgers have a lot to brag about. They might be the underdog at a summer barbecue, but they can be the ideal plant-based solution to warm weather dining.

This easy version is especially delicious, with the added advantage of … Read more