Roasted Butternut Squash and Beets

Did you know that both beets and butternut squash are super foods? Together they offer a delicious dose of anti-inflammatory goodness that may reduce the risk of many chronic illnesses.

Enjoy these roasted gems whenever you get the chance. Both … Read more

Roasted Beet and Roasted Garlic Hummus

Recently, I started creating my own beet hummus, and my daughter and I have fallen in love with this. It’s creamy and deeply flavorful, and we’re enjoying it with raw vegetables (of course), on sprouted grain toast, in salad wraps, … Read more

Rainbow Harvest Salad

What happens when all of your favorite veggies join forces? Stunning color, a boatload of nutrition, and amazing flavor!

You’ll decide how many colors to include in your version. Use any vegetables you like in your salad, and substitute freely.… Read more

Sweet Potato Spinach Balls

I’m pretty sure these are my favorite appetizers as of this moment, and think they’re a great way to welcome unsuspecting guests to your very flavorful vegan kitchen!

Inspired by JL Fields and her Kale and Potato Nuggets recipe from … Read more

Baked Red Flannel Hash

This lovely oven-baked hash is full-on comfort food.

It’s made with loads of diced Yukon gold potatoes, plus sweet potatoes, onions, and beets, and almost glows with exquisite color and rich satisfying flavor. In fact, it’s such a dazzler that … Read more

Perfect Plant-Based Thanksgiving Menu

Surrounded by family and a kitchen filled with delicious flavors, Thanksgiving has long been at the top of my favorite holidays list. But it’s not without challenges.

If you host guests who aren’t vegan, like we do, you know that … Read more

Fabulous Beet Burgers

Fabulous Beet Burgers

I made these burgers last night, and they were amazing!

I feel compelled to add here (in case you can identify) that I don’t even like beets. Actually, no one in our family is a fan of beets, yet everyone … Read more