Vegan Coaching

Are you thinking about transitioning to a vegan diet? What are your goals? Maybe you’d like to lower your cholesterol? Increase your energy? Improve your digestion? Lose a few pounds?

If you’re ready to develop new, healthy habits, but don’t know where to begin, or just need a little help, I completely understand. I know that it can seem overwhelming to put all of the puzzle pieces in place before you take the plant-based plunge.

As a Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach, I can help.

Let’s work together to truly ensure your success – and simplify your journey, from top to bottom. Appointments can be arranged in-person, by telephone, or virtually – whichever is easiest for you.

Individual coaching services are available in one-month and three-month packages. You can extend your services at any time. Contact me to get started with your personal vegan coaching program.

I have a number of health issues, and believe that eating a low fat vegan diet is my pathway to wellness. I also am deeply addicted to the SAD diet and find giving up my old ways difficult. I’ve been looking for a someone to coach me in making changes to a healthier lifestyle for years and FINALLY, found my person in Vicki, after trying other programs, retreats, and medical providers. She is very knowledgeable, gentle, kind, and wonderful at helping me identify challenges along with providing support and ways to change. She is a total pleasure to work with and I can’t recommend her enough!!!”  – Martha W. 

After trying unsuccessfully for over a year to go fully vegan / plant-based, I was thoroughly stuck and quite demoralized. Working with Vicki gave me the impetus I needed to get thoroughly unstuck! Now I’m feeling happy and confident in my way of eating, and am very glad to have had Vicki for a coach.”  – Anne S.

“I highly recommend Vicki! She’s knowledgeable, upbeat and encouraging, and willing to meet you wherever you are on your food journey, supporting your goals, answering questions, supplying recipes, and introducing new foods. I felt better almost immediately, eating homemade food full of healthy ingredients, and in a matter of a few weeks I lost four pounds.”  – Pam L.

Initial Consultation

During this single one-hour session we’ll gather background information, determine a few achievable goals, and develop highly individualized user-friendly strategies, accompanied by hand-selected recipes designed to help you begin working toward your healthy objectives, one delicious meal at a time.

Initial Consultation: $175

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One Month Program

One month of personal vegan coaching support includes a one-hour Initial Consultation – to gather background information and determine goals – along with three 30-minute (or two 45-minute) follow-up sessions, and unlimited email support, all designed to help you find a healthy lifestyle that works for you. We’ll explore best-fit strategies, and create a balanced and nutritious menu plan to match, with recipes to make your next steps exciting and manageable.

One Month Program: $325

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Comprehensive Coaching Program

Your three full months of comprehensive vegan coaching support begins with a one-hour Initial Consultation to gather background information and establish your personal goals. We’ll continue working together with six 45-minute plus two 60-minute follow-up sessions (or any combination that works best for YOU), during which we’ll develop effective transitional strategies to help you seriously get on track, and stay on track with your new healthy lifestyle. This 90-day package includes personalized recipes and customized menu plans, along with unlimited email support. In the Ann Arbor area, your Comprehensive Coaching Program can include a personal pantry makeover, grocery shopping tour, and customized cooking sessions, too.

Comprehensive Coaching Program: $725

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Quick Fix

Need just a tune-up? This 20-minute telephone appointment is designed to answer a few targeted questions about your current plant-based diet. If you like, feel free to email questions to me ahead of time so that we can be sure to use our time together as effectively as possible.

Quick Fix: $55

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Ready to get started?

Feel free to email me if you have questions about beginning your personal vegan journey. Let’s work together on your healthy future!

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