Personal Chef

Imagine coming home to a wonderful, whole foods plant-based meal after a long hard day. Wouldn’t you love knowing that your refrigerator is filled with healthy vegan meals, made just for you?

Personal Vegan Chef Services:

I am a Certified Personal Chef, and passionate about creating fresh, delicious low-fat plant-based meals. I earned certification through Wellness Forum Health, and am proud to have completed training with Chef Del Sroufe, author of Forks Over Knives: The Cookbook and The China Study Quick & Easy Cookbook.

My specialty is making it effortless for clients to enjoy healthy home-cooked dinners made with pure ingredients, bursting with nutrition, variety, color, and flavor.

Here’s how it works…

We begin with a brief consultation to discuss your personal health goals, along with your individualized food preferences, favorites, allergies, and dietary restrictions. Then we’ll determine a start date, agree on details, and begin to craft the perfect meal plans for you.

I will shop for the groceries, and measure, chop, prep, cook, store, and clean up. After a long day, you can just come home, relax, and unwind, knowing that nutritious, satisfying plant-based meals await.

Just contact me to begin your personal vegan chef service!

“I am what you would call a picky eater, and every bite of Vicki’s food is divine! I can hardly believe a plant-based diet could be so delicious. I look forward to every meal.”  – Laura V. 

Plant-Based Weekly Meal Packages:

Getting started is a breeze. Just select how many meals per week you’d like. Meals typically serve two people (or one person, with extras for lunch the next day).*

  • All meals are 100% vegan.
  • Ingredients are whole food, plant-based, with no added oils.
  • Organic ingredients are selected whenever possible.
  • Most special dietary restrictions and preferences can be happily accommodated.
  • Ask about healthy breakfast options to make mornings easier, too.
  • Personal Chef Services are available in the Ann Arbor area only.
  • Just contact me to begin your personal vegan chef service!

*Smaller and larger meal plans are available upon request! 

Three Vegan Dinners (total of 6 servings)

Three delicious meals (two servings each) prepared weekly, just for you.

Vegan Dinners for Three Nights: $225

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Four Vegan Dinners (total of 8 servings)

Four delicious meals (two servings each) prepared weekly, just for you.

Vegan Meals for Four Nights: $300

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Five Vegan Dinners (total of 10 servings)

Five delicious meals (two servings each) prepared weekly, just for you.

Vegan Meals for Five Nights: $375

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Would a Personal Vegan Chef make your busy life easier?

Just email me to arrange your personal vegan chef service…for fresh, low-fat, home-cooked, plant-based meals – created just for you!