Personal Chef

Imagine coming home to a wonderful, whole foods plant-based meal after a long hard day. Wouldn’t you love knowing that your refrigerator is filled with healthy vegan meals, made just for you?

Personal Vegan Chef Services:

I am a Certified Personal Chef, and passionate about creating fresh, delicious low-fat plant-based meals. I earned certification through Wellness Forum Health, and am proud to have completed training with Chef Del Sroufe, author of Forks Over Knives: The Cookbook and The China Study Quick & Easy Cookbook.

My specialty is making it effortless for clients to enjoy healthy home-cooked dinners made with pure ingredients, bursting with nutrition, variety, color, and flavor.

Here’s how it works…

We begin with a brief consultation to discuss your personal health goals, along with your individualized food preferences, favorites, allergies, and dietary restrictions. Then we’ll determine a start date, agree on details, and begin to craft the perfect meal plans for you.

I will shop for the groceries, and measure, chop, prep, cook, store, and clean up. After a long day, you can just come home, relax, and unwind, knowing that nutritious, satisfying plant-based meals await.

Just contact me to begin your personal vegan chef service!

“I am what you would call a picky eater, and every bite of Vicki’s food is divine! I can hardly believe a plant-based diet could be so delicious. I look forward to every meal.” – Laura V. 

Plant-Based Weekly Meal Packages:

Getting started is a breeze. Just select how many meals per week you’d like. Meals typically serve four people (or two people, with extras for lunch the next day).*

  • All meals are 100% vegan.
  • Ingredients are whole food, plant-based, with no added oils.
  • Organic ingredients are selected whenever possible.
  • Most special dietary restrictions can be happily accommodated.
  • Ask about healthy breakfast options to make mornings easier, too.
  • Personal Chef Services are available in the Ann Arbor area only.
  • Just contact me to begin your personal vegan chef service!

*Smaller meal plans (serving one or two people) are available upon request! 

Three Vegan Dinners (total of 12 servings)

Three delicious meals (with four servings each) prepared weekly, just for you.

Vegan Dinners for Three Nights: $375

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Four Vegan Dinners (total of 16 servings)

Four delicious meals (with four servings each) prepared weekly, just for you.

Vegan Meals for Four Nights: $475

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Five Vegan Dinners (total of 20 servings)

Five delicious meals (with four servings each) prepared weekly, just for you.

Vegan Meals for Five Nights: $575

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Would a Personal Vegan Chef make your busy life easier?

Just email me to arrange your personal vegan chef service…for fresh, low-fat, home-cooked, plant-based meals – created just for you!


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