Mashed Potato Stacks with Mixed Greens

Mashed potatoes with mixed greens are meant for each other. Such simple ingredients, but they are somehow far from ordinary when combined.

Greens and potatoes are so satisfying and extraordinarily nutritious that they make their way onto my plate almost daily. But my potatoes and greens never looked this pretty before, and I have Stackable Gourmet to thank for this elegant presentation.

Stackable Gourmet is a small kitchen tool that makes “beautiful” easy, and seems to make the point for me about uncomplicated ingredients. You just assemble the layers into the bottomless cube, press to flatten, remove the form, and serve.

With this link, you’ll find my favorite everyday mashed potatoes. I almost always add onion powder for game-changing flavor. Now and then I like to also add shredded cabbage to the potatoes as they cook (as in this photo), and sometimes I add a squirt of yellow mustard as I mash. All super good!

My current favorite greens combo is the Cruciferous Crunch Collection, available at Trader Joe’s. It’s a mixture of chopped Kale, Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli, Green Cabbage, and Red Cabbage, and it’s delicious, colorful, and convenient. But of course, any greens you like will do just fine.


1 cup steamed greens, seasoned well*
2 1/2 cups mashed potatoes


With Stackable Gourmet:

Layer small amounts of the hot greens and potatoes (starting and ending with greens) into the Stackable Gourmet mold, pressing between each layer, until you reach the desired height. Slowly remove the mold, while pressing the food down with the presser as you lift straight up. Serve immediately.

Without Stackable Gourmet:

Layer small amounts of the hot greens and potatoes (starting and ending with greens) into a small casserole or serving dish. (The presentation won’t be the same, but the ingredients will still be just as delicious.) Serve immediately.

* Season your choice of nutritious cooked greens with plenty of salt and pepper, fresh herbs, if desired, and/or with a light dressing of lemon juice OR yellow mustard and balsamic vinegar!

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    • I’m so glad you like this, Sandra! And thank you for the kind words.Try using your new Stackable Gourmet with layers of either mashed potatoes (or rice) along with seasoned corn or black beans, too! : )

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