Apple Cider Sorbet

I batched cooked (as I often do) over the weekend, prepping for the days ahead with lots of good stuff. So, dinner on Sunday included a smoky bean stew, roasted butternut squash and onions, mashed potatoes, roasted cauliflower, and steamed corn on the cob. That was a lot of very hearty food, so dessert had to be light and simple.

Apple Cider Sorbet.

One ingredient.


And it was the perfect ending to a big comforting meal. Easy, no sugar added, and incredibly delicious.


  • Servings: makes approximately 1 quart
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2 cups fresh apple cider


Carefully pour apple cider into the bowl of an automatic ice cream machine, and process according to manufacturer’s instructions until desired texture is achieved.

Enjoy immediately, or harden further in freezer for an hour or more.

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