Easiest Ever Air-Fried Apples

Sometimes we’re looking for just a little indulgence without compromising our resolve.

Here’s a great way to enjoy the happy flavor and aroma of baked apples, with nearly zero effort. It’s an air-fried shortcut – for the easiest ever little guilt-free treat.


2 fresh crisp apples
apple pie spice


Slice apples in half, and remove the core from each half. Thinly slice halves into 1/4-inch slices. Toss slices with a generous sprinkle of Apple Pie Spice, coating as evenly as you can.

Layer apple slices in the basket of your Air Fryer, and bake slices until golden and almost tender in the center. (With a Philips Digital Avance, it takes around 11 or 12 minutes at 375 degrees.)

Carefully remove from air fryer, and enjoy.

Copyright © Vicki Brett-Gach | Ann Arbor Vegan Kitchen