Afternoon Affogato (Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free)

This lovely afternoon pick-me-up feels like such a special splurge. It’s beyond delicious!

Yet it’s blissfully guilt-free, dairy-free, and even sugar free, too! Amazing really.

I use a Nespresso machine for the espresso shot, but if you don’t make espresso at home, just use strong coffee. Will this be caffeinated or not? YOU get to decide! : )

I’ve read that cafes in Italy categorize an affogato as dessert, but outside of Italy it may be considered a beverage. How do you think of an affogato?

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AFTERNOON AFFOGATO (Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free)

1 shot espresso, or very strong coffee
1 small scoop Very Vanilla Ice Cream


Place ice cream in a short glass. Pour hot espresso over frozen ice cream. Enjoy immediately.

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