Vegan Snack Tray

Vegan Snack Tray

If tortilla chips and salsa come to mind when you think of vegan snacks, it might be time for a flavor upgrade. Whether it’s a big party or a small family celebration, you can make any occasion more fun with a platter filled with healthy snacks, just like this one – and with very little effort.

Use whatever you have on hand already to assemble a colorful array of healthy ingredients. The key is variety.

Slice up some crunchy vegetables, and add fresh grapes, raw nuts, and dried fruit. Toss in a few whole-grain crackers, pretzels, or freshly sliced sourdough bread.

If you have them, add in a few olives or pickles, oil-free hummus, and favorite non-dairy cheeses for a presentation that’s sure to get a few oohs and ahhs!


  • Servings: will vary, depending on number and amounts of ingredients used
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celery sticks
carrots sticks
sliced cucumbers
grape tomatoes
red grapes
purple grapes
dried apple or pear rings
dried apricots
green Cerignola olives
mild pickled peppers or dill pickles
raw walnuts
raw cashews
toasted hazelnuts
sourdough pretzel nuggets
healthy crackers (such as Mary’s Gone Crackers )
whole wheat sourdough bread slices
oil-free hummus
variety of non-dairy cheeses (look for no added oils in products made by Kite Hill, Miyoko’s Kitchen, and Heidi Ho)


Start with a simple platter, and just assemble your favorite vegetables, fruits, nuts, and other favorite ingredients in a colorful array.  Serve and enjoy!

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