Panini-Pressed Potatoes

One ingredient. Extra crispy oil-free goodness – without even using an air fryer!

Just start with leftover baked potatoes. Slice into slabs, length-wise. Then season, and grill on either a panini press or grill pan!


1 or 2 leftover baked russet potatoes
kosher salt, to taste
smoked paprika, to taste

* Optional creamy dipping sauce (see below)


Heat a panini press. (I love my Breville Panini Grill.)

Slice potatoes length-wise. You’ll want approximately four long oval slices per potato. Lightly sprinkle one (or both) side(s) with Kosher salt and smoked paprika, to taste.

Carefully place seasoned potato slices onto surface of hot panini press. Close lid, and allow to grill for 5 minutes or until grill marks are deep golden in color.

Remove from heat, and enjoy!

*  If desired, try a creamy dipping sauce for potato crisps, mixing together one spoonful of unsweetened nondairy yogurt, a squeeze of yellow mustard and a smidge of smoked salt, each to taste.

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